A Little Shameless Self-Promotion

It’s been a busy time for me in terms of publishing successes. For starters, Potomac Books will be publishing my long awaited study on the Second Battle of Manassas. This book is entitled, “Second Manassas: Longstreet’s Attack and the Struggle for Chinn Ridge.” Don’t be deceived by the title because the book includes the entire course of Longstreet’s August 30 counterattack including the destruction of the 5th New York Zouaves and the stand of the United States Regulars, Pennsylvania Reserves, and the ubiquitous Robert Milroy along Sudely Road and Chinn Ridge. The biggest honor for all of the research and writing that I did on that book is having received a ringing endorsement from John Hennessy, the dean of all things Second Manassas. John has generously written an introduction to this book and proven himself to be a most magnanimous gentleman. Here is a small snapshot from Hennessy’s introduction:

Scott Patchan has stepped into this historical morass armed with new sources, a detailed knowledge of the ground (absolutely indispensable when writing of a battle), and a fresh perspective. He has forged a monograph that clears much of the mud, sharpens the detail, and removes much of the guesswork involved in previous works dealing with the climactic clash at Second Manassas.

Readers of this blog can purchase this book in advance at a 25% discount by using the offer code 976879.

In addition to this, my first book, “The Forgotten Fury: The Battle of Piedmont,” published in 1996 will be in print again later this year and buyers will no longer have to fork over $400 to buy it! This book is not simply a reprint, but it reflects fifteen additional years of continued research and study of the 1864 Shenandoah Valley Campaign and an improved writing ability. This book will be published by the History Press. It covers Major General David Hunter’s campaign in the Shenandoah Valley from his assumption of command of the U.S. Army of the Shenandoah through the Battle of Piedmont to his occupation of Staunton. This volume will be followed by one on the second leg of Hunter’s Campaign, his Lynchburg Raid. It will include his controversial occupation of Lexington, his march over the Peaks of Otter, the Battle of Lynchburg, Jubal Early’s pursuit of Hunter, the Battle of Hanging Rock at Salem, Virginia and Hunter’s Retreat into West Virginia.

The best news about all of this is that two out of these three books are complete. 🙂 Those of you who love to read detailed military history of the Civil War will be in for a real treat with all of these.



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7 responses to “A Little Shameless Self-Promotion

  1. James McCorry

    Scott: Will the Piedmont book be in Hardcover? I hope so. If not – how about a limited hardcover copy. Paperbacks have no collector value even if the material is first rate, as Im sure yours will be. PS One of General Mulligans sword is in the Lexington, Mo. museum. Dont know how they acquired it.

  2. Todd Berkoff

    Scott —

    Congrats on the new book on Second Manassas. I am very much looking forward to reading it. I have always thought that the stand of the 5th and 10th New York and hard fighting on Chinn Ridge were some of the most dramatic moments of the war in Virginia.


    Todd Berkoff

  3. Mike Shaffer

    Scott, do you have an estimate on when the Piedmont title will be available for advance purchase?

  4. Keith Yoder

    Wow. Another book about Second Manassas? Is that allowed? Shouldn’t we wait for the 50,000th book on Gettysburg first? That is exciting news for me – it’s my favorite battle to read about and there’s not much out there.

  5. Keith Yoder

    It’s finally out and I have read it once. Also followed the hiking tour guide in the back. Now I plan to go back and read it more carefully. Is there any way to get better copies of the maps in the book? Even with a magnifying glass it is really hard to make out out a lot of details which appear to have been painstakingly drawn.

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