The Battle of Cedar Creek

I had the opportunity to attend the battle of Cedar Creek event in Middletown, Virginia. Hadn’t been to one of these events in ten years or so. I fell in with the boys of the 6th New Hampshire and 11th PA Reserves. The weather was great and I had a great time. The 6th NH’s camp band is phenomenal. They turned the event into a most memorable experience that will be long remembered by all present. I hear they will be playing at O’Rorke’s in Gettysburg the Friday before Gettysburg. Hope I can get up there to hear them again and if you love Civil War era music you would be well served to check them out.


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2 responses to “The Battle of Cedar Creek

  1. Karl Fredericks

    Scott…enjoyed reading all of the prior posts on your blog…do you have any updates on when The Forgotten Fury will be out in 2nd edition..also what about 2nd Manassas book….I hope to see you in the Valley sometime next year…heading down to tour New Market and Cross Keys/Port Republic this weekend…stay well…Karl

  2. Carl – Next spring. History Press

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