Coming Soon – Biography on General William E. Jones or more familiarly “Old Grumble Jones”

Will be detailing the life of Grumble Jones over the course of a few posts in the coming week. I will go beyond his role at the Battle of Piedmont and examine his entire life, including the political difficulties that his cantankerous personality brought about during his brief stint as commander of the Valley District in 1863.


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3 responses to “Coming Soon – Biography on General William E. Jones or more familiarly “Old Grumble Jones”

  1. Christy Saldana

    Looking forward to these posts. Would love more info on Battle of Piedmont also. Where is the info on the number of wounded, killed, captured, etc located? If the info is available for books, markers, etc they must be located for others to research. Have a relative who was supposedly wounded at the battle, taken to Gen Hosp in Staunton, but we can’t find any info other this those few details. His complied service records have his name spelled wrong, have him born in a county 400 miles east of his actual birth place. So we are trying to find any and every detail on this Battle.

  2. Christy Saldana

    In our research for genealogy, our direct ancestor is Jacob Shires. In census records we found his (Jacob’s) brothers American, Caleb, Christopher and George on census records. Knowing they were the right ages to serve in the Civil War we started researching in that direction.
    We found them in the 60th Va Infantry – compiled service records and regimental history book by JL Scott, then using found the same info. We have visited the State Library of VA and they have one muster roll with them listed. They lived in what is now WV and were unable to apply for pensions from Virginia, even though they were in the 60th VA.
    Some of the complied service info has a letter C and not Caleb or Christopher, so I am unable to prove which one they are referring to.
    Any direction or info would be appreciated.

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