The 150th Anniversary of the Civil War – Battle of Bull Run

At home sick with the flu of some sorts and unable to sleep, I thought that I would jump on the Sesquicentennial bandwagon. Spring is only a few weeks old, but I have already done a couple of tours at the old Bull Run battlefield. While I have never written anything in depth on the Battle of Bull Run or Manassas, I have spent more time traipsing that battlefield due to its proximity to my home for these last twenty years than any other. In the process, I have accumulated a fair shar of source material which I will now share periodically as we move closer to July 21, 2011 and the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Bull Run.

The following link below (6th NC) includes a letter by 22 year old Captain Richard Watt York of the 6th North Carolina Infantry that was first published by the North Carolina Standard on July 31, 1861. York would go on to serve throughout the war, and was wounded at the battles of Gaines Mill 6/27/62 and, and to make the link to this blog, again at Fisher’s Hill 9/22/64. He was promoted to Major with the effective date of 7/3/63. York’s letter recounts the death of Col. Charles Fisher and the regiment’s role in the capture of the Union guns on Henry Hill. It also picks up on the confusion of battle and the back and forth nature of the fight for the Union batteries. The link also contains some other newspaper accounts of the Battle of Manassas.

6th NC

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