First Review of the Battle of Piedmont

Thanks to Andrew Wagenhoffer over at Civil War Books and Authors.



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4 responses to “First Review of the Battle of Piedmont

  1. Bob Carragher

    Having only had the opportunity to look at the first edition in the Rare Book room of the Alexandria, VA library system, I purchased the revised one as soon as Mr. Patchan noted on his blog it had been released.

    GREAT BOOK – and I agree – the maps and the regimental strength and loss numbers are pretty enlightening about how destructive this battle really was to both sides.

    Owning a home along Rockfish Road about a 100 yards south of the junction at Mt. Meridian – we’ve been thristing for information about this battle – particularly the cavalry give and take that occured east of the Givens Farm, through Mt. Meridian and on to Bonnie Doon. Now when we head south down Battlefield Road, we’ll know exactly what happened where and why.

    Many thanks for a quick and interesting read – one that is sure to be referenced often!

  2. Thanks Bob. I will be in Staunton at the history center on June 4 to do a talk on Piedmont. Hopefully there will be a small van tour afterward.

    • Christy Saldana

      Where is the history center for Staunton and do we need to sign up for this?

    • Bob Carragher

      Hi Scott –

      Sorry for the delay in responding, but I’ve been traveling a bit for work. Regretfully, we won’t be able to make it to Staunton on the 4th. That’s prom night for our youngest, so I need to be in Alexandria that day. If you’ll be doing others during the summer, please keep me posted.

      On a related issue, I’m looking forward to your future posts about Grumble Jones. I had a relative with Grimes Davis and the 8th New York at Brandy Station. Grumble was there too – I believe.


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