The Staff of Maj. Gen. Philip H. Sheridan

Sheridan and StaffLooking for some help to Identify the men of Sheridan’s staff. So far here is what I have come up with.

Updated thanks to some help from Stefan and JD 🙂 and my own continued detective work. Thanks.

Sheridan’s Staff – June 1864

Top Row Standing on Porch:

Capt. Joseph O’Keeffe,  Capt. Michael V. Sheridan,  Lt. Col. Frederick Newhall, Unknown, Maj. George “Sandy” Forsyth, Capt. Louis Carpenter, Unknown, Capt. James F. Wade

Standing on Top Step:

Might this be Col. C. R. Smith of the 6th PA Cav? Sheridan had him on his staff.

Bottom Row:

Unknown, Capt. Thomas W. C. Moore, Col. James “Tony” Forsyth, Gen. Sheridan

All officers to the right of Sheridan are unknown at this time. Any help you can provide in identifying any of these officers is greatly appreciated. It is interesting to try and figure out and one can go back and forth on id’s. For example, Sheridan’s brother Michael could be one of two men. If you look at a picture of MVS twenty years later, the second man from the left in top row seems to be the proper id. However, it was said that he looked just like Phil. Looking at General S’s photograph as a lieutenant in the Regular Army in the 1850’s, the third man from left on the top row is a convincing choice.



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19 responses to “The Staff of Maj. Gen. Philip H. Sheridan

  1. Stefan

    Top Row Standing: 2nd fr. left Mike Sheridan, 3rd fr. right Louis H. Carpenter, 1st fr. r., James F Wade

    • Thanks Stefan. The only reason that I didn’t mention Wade is that I saw in his service record that he was supposed to have been promoted to Lt. Col. and sent to a USCT Cavalry regiment. Really appreciate the Carpenter id.

  2. Pretty interesting to see Carpenter and Sandy Forsyth together. 4 years later Carpenter would be commanding the relief column of the 10th US Cavalry that came to the rescue of Forsyths band of scouts on Beechers Island.

  3. Stefan

    C Ross Smith is the guy behind Sheridan’s left shoulder…

  4. Stefan

    Thumbing through a few books I found the image above in David Dixon’s “Hero of Beecher Island”…

    Bottom row, l to right: unidentified, Lt Col. C S Wood, Tony Forsyth, Lt Col. C. Kingsbury, Sheridan, Lt Col C. Ross Smith, unidentified, Capt. P T Goddard, Capt. James Hosoner, unidentified.

    Top row, l to right: Capt. Joseph O’Keefe, Mike Sheridan, Maj. F. C. Newhall, unidentified, Capt. A N Martin, Sandy Forsyth, Carpenter, unidentified, Wade.

    Best from Germany,

    • Thanks much. I have that book and haven’t picked it up since I read it when it first came out. Didn’t even think to look there. When the U.S. experts weren’t sure, Germany came through.


  5. Stefan

    Will you write a biography on Sheridan in the near future?

  6. William A. Brigham

    I was told my my father (who died 40 years ago) that the man standing at the far left in the bottom row was my great-grandfather John Lowell Brigham. I have the same photograph on one of my walls. Confirmation and further information would be appreciated.

  7. Botom row (left to right) is my great-grandfather Captain and Brevet Major John L. Brigham Commissary of Subsistence. Further information about him would be appreciated.

  8. Mike kehoe

    Anyone know the site of this photo of Sheridan and staff?

  9. Leigh Hoagland

    My wife’s family has a copy of this photo (an original I think.) By family tradition, the man who is fifth from the right in the top row on the porch, in a broad brimmed hat, cited above as “Unknown”, is Archer Nevins Martin (1845-1894).

  10. Chuck Newhall

    Is it possible to get a copy of this print?

  11. Paul Forsyth

    My cousin is George “Sandy” Forsyth. On porch with mustache.

    – Paul Forsyth

  12. Hey, just compiling what I have from you and others, discussion at

    Back row:
    Cpt. Joseph O’Keeffe (ADC)
    Cpt. Michael V. Sheridan (ADC)
    Lt. Col. Frederick Newhall (ADC)
    Cpt. Archer N. Martin (16th PA)
    Unknown (standing on steps)
    Maj. George A. Forsyth (8th IL)
    Cpt. Louis H. Carpenter (6th US)
    Lt. Col. James F. Wade (6th US [Colored])

    Front row:
    Cpt John L. Brigham (ACS)
    Lt. Col. W.C. Wood (alternative: Cpt. Thomas W.C. Moore)
    Col. James W. Forsyth (AIG)
    Lt. Col. Charles Kingsbury (AAG)
    Maj. Gen. Phil Sheridan
    Col. C. Ross Smith (standing behind Sheridan, 6th PA)
    Cpt. Paul L. Goddard (8th PA)
    Cpt. James Hosoner (AQM)

    Thanks and good luck,


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